Intellectual productions and ressources

Find here all ACCES educational ressources 

All along the project we will develop tools and materials to help high school and organization in Europe to implement civic activities similar to those experimented in each high school during the project. 

Survey on youth civic education

And you ? What do you think of civic education and civic engagement ? Help us identify european youth needs and desires on civic education.

Vademecum of good practices

Research on high school practices in terms of democratic participation: gathering practices from several countries in Europe

Digital Platform

Throughout the project a digital exchange platform is available for participants to share their experiences, communicate remotely and possibly coordinate for common workshops.

Training kit

Training kit for high school students, teachers and associations - aimed at disseminating good citizenship practices in Europe. (2022)

Support kit

Tools for high school students and teachers (kit ACCES) to organize democratic activities in their school (debate clubs, sessions, consultations, volunteering, etc.). (2022).

Proposition booklet

Booklet of ideas and proposal of high school students involved in the debate groups within the project. (2023)