ACCES International meetings

The project is punctuated by international meetings: dissemination events as well as workshops for the project partners.

ACCES also means bringing students and cultures into dialogue on these particular themes. Indeed, if history and cultures have led them to take various forms, citizenship and related concepts such as democracy, freedoms and fundamental rights are shared throughout the European space. Throughout the year, the different groups will meet with their peers from other countries to share their experiences of citizenship and democratic practices in their country or region. Through digital and physical encounters, young people will be able to learn from each other and open their horizons on these topics.

Let’s get together.

Six student meetings are planned over the three years of the project. Each partner institution will organize an event in its country over a period of 2 to 3 days. These meetings will allow the participants to meet and exchange ideas. It is also an opportunity to promote the work accomplished and discuss the evolution of the project.

One of the objectives of this project is to enable the partner institutions to join together their knowledge and experience concerning civic education in Europe, to exchange on existing good practices, to elaborate new ones in order to compile the best ones and to disseminate them.

Throughout the project a digital exchange platform will be made available for participants to share their experiences, communicate remotely and possibly coordinate for common workshops. The test version of this platform will be launched next April.