Welcome to european ACCES

Improving civic education in schools through cooperation and dialog

The european Acts and Cooperation for Civic Education in Schools (ACCES) project aims at creating a cooperation between European schools on this issue. Through this cooperation, innovative educational resources are being created to discover and improve civic education practices in schools in order to encourage students’ civic awareness and involvement.

The project brings together a consortium committed to citizenship education complementary both in their geographical position and their expertise: 4 secondary schools from Finland, Spain, Turkey and Romania and 2 youth associations  European Youth Parliament – France and ECOS – Portugal. 

The cooperation and exchanges that are at the heart of the project aim to develop and design educational resources to improve the civic engagement of secondary school students. These resources are intended to be widely disseminated, notably through training and freely accessible documents.

We believe that the cooperation between the different actors of civic education (students, teachers, administration, youth associations…) is the key to bring young people closer to an active citizenship and allow them to take on board the world that surrounds them. ACCES aims to enable the sharing, transfer and development of innovative practices in citizenship education in European school systems.

There are differences in citizenship education in the different European countries. Whether they are due to the educational methodology, the legal framework, the political organization or the socio-cultural context of the country, there is a real opportunity to bring together and dialogue these different approaches to civic education.